I have set out to chronicle the espionage adventures of the Knight family in a series of spy novels. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, my identity and whereabouts must remain secret.

I realize that the above doesn't really tell you much. The thing is, I can't really tell you the usual stuff: how old I am, where I live, my profession. Not now, anyway. Maybe someday we'll get to that. Nevertheless, I still think you can get to know me.
  • I like to read books, lots of them, especially spy novels.
  • I had a newspaper route when I was 8 years old.
  • I once ate nothing but pretzels for two days straight. And no, I was not lost in the woods at the time.
  • I believe sharing makes life more fun.
  • I believe success is earning respect from the people you most admire.
  • I believe life's greatest gifts do not come in a box.
  • More than anything else in life, I am proud of who my friends are. I admire them greatly, and they have chosen to make me their friend.

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